Specific Areas of Equal Investment Rights for Former Filipino Nationals

While most areas of business have limits for foreign investors, Section 9 of the amended Foreign Investments Act of 1991 lists the following types of businesses where former natural-born Filipinos can enjoy the same investment rights as a Philippine citizen:

  • Cooperatives
  • Rural banks
  • Thrift banks and private development banks
  • Financing Companies

Former natural-born Filipinos can also engage in activities under List B of the Foreign Investments Negative List. This means that their investments shall be treated as Filipino or will be considered as forming part of Filipino investments in activities closed or limited to foreign participation.

Bonifacio Global City

The equal investment rights of former Filipino nationals do not extend to activities reserved by the Constitution for Filipino citizens, including the following:

  • Exercise of profession
  • Defense-related activities
  • Security agency
  • Small-scale mining
  • Rice and corn industry
  • Cockpit operation

Former natural-born Filipinos have also been given the right to be transferees of private land up to a maximum of 5,000 square meters in the case of urban land or three (3) hectares in the case of rural land to be used for business or other purposes.