Businesses Exclusive to Filipino Nationals

Section 8 of the Amended Foreign Investments Act (FIA) enumerates the investment areas reserved for Filipino nationals. The Foreign Investments Negative lists (FINL) are classified as follows:

  • List A - consists of areas of activities reserved to Philippine nationals where foreign equity participation in any domestic or export enterprise engaged in any activity listed therein shall be limited to a maximum of forty percent (40%) as prescribed by the Constitution and other specific laws.
  • List B - consists of areas of activities where foreign ownership is limited pursuant to law such as defense or law enforcement-related activities, which have negative implications on public health and morals, and small and medium-scale enterprises.

The revised Foreign Investments Act also deleted List C of the Foreign Investments Negative List. List C contains investment areas already adequately served by existing enterprises and in which foreign investments need not be encouraged further. Deletion of this list is expected to open further the market to foreign investments and keep existing firms efficient and responsive to the needs of consumers. Consumers will also benefit through wider choices of products in terms of quality and prices.