Philippine Coconut Sugar and Coconut Oil Now Available in Norway

Cocosa Coconut Products

The Philippine Embassy is pleased to announce that LOW GLYCEMIC INDEX Philippine-made coconut sugar and EXTRA VIRGIN coconut oil are now available in Norway.

A health food company in Moss has started selling coconut sugar under the brand name Cocosa Sukker and extra virgin coconut oil as Cocosa.

Coconut Sugar

Coconut sugar is produced from the nectar of flowers that grow on coconut palm. All year round this nutritious nectar is harvested by local farmers who cook it at low heat to form sugar crystals. The result is a natural and unrefined sugar with a glycemic index (GI) of only 35. In addition to the familiar sweet taste we know from the white sugar, it has a hint of caramel in flavor and a slightly softer texture than "hard" white sugar crystals.

How to use

Coconut Sugar can be used as sugar substitute for flavoring in hot and cold dishes, as well as tea and coffee. It mixes easily in liquids, have low melting point and high focus. Cocosa coconut sugar are therefore well suited for baking and home made chocolates, sweetening of drinks and flavoring sauces, marinades and dressings. Replace equal parts sugar with equal parts coconut sugar in all recipes and be inspired by both the taste and baking qualities.

Better for your health

Coconut sugar has many advantages over both white and brown sugar. Concentrations of other nutrients is higher than in rårørsukker and the glycemic index is much lower. Coconut sugar contains twice as much iron, 4 times more magnesium and 10 times more zinc than rårørsukker. It also contains many of the B vitamins: B1, B2, B3 and B6.

Glycemic Index of 35

Unrefined rårørsukker, which has long been popular among health conscious consumers, has a glycemic index of 65. This is lower than the white sugar GI which is 80, but a lot compared with coconut sugar which has only a GI of 35.

For comparison, low glycemic foods defined with GI less than 55, are fiber-rich fruits such as apple and pear which has a glycemic index, respectively.

Cocosa Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

Cocosa Extra Virgin gives you an exotic scent and taste of the tropical islands: Only the fresh, clean, white meat from the hand-picked coconuts with high nutritional content and taste are used to cold press oil. Within 2 hours after the coconut is opened, recovered oil through a spinning technology in a way that preserves the wonderful flavor and aroma of coconut, as well as the broad industrial spectrum: Lauric acid, capri acid, caprylsyre, vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants that protect the oil and provides the natural durability and stability.

Cocosa Extra Virgin Oil gives you the full range of coconut oil's benefits. It can be used as a dietary supplement or as a cooking oil.

Cocosa Pure Coconut Oil

Cocosa Pure is without taste and smell, and rich in lauric acid and other medium-length fatty acids. The oil pressed from dried coconut meat, without the use of chemical solvents and refined at the gentle way to remove the finer nutrients that are destroyed by high heat. The ideal cooking and frying oil for those who want to avoid bad plant oils and trans fatty acids

Coconut sugar and coconut oil are marketed in Norway under the brand names Cocosa Sukre and Cocosa by Soma Nordic.

It is available at better health food stores or direct at Soma Nordic at NORDIC ÅRVOLLSKOGEN 95, 1529 MOSS • INFO@SOMA.NO • 69 23 27 70 *

For examples on how to use the various Cocosa products, click the e-brochure below;


Source: Soma Nordic Cocosa brochure