Malacanang Elated Over Forthcoming Canonization of Second Filipino Saint

Blessed Pedro Calungsod

Malacañang expressed elation over the scheduled canonization of another Filipino faithful who dedicated and offered his life in serving others and for the propagation of God’s gospel saying that the event serves as proof of the Filipinos’ spirituality and piousness.

In a regular media briefing in Malacanang on Thursday, Presidential Spokesperson Edwin Lacierda said that the canonization of Blessed Pedro Calungsod as the country’s second saint gives honor to the Filipinos as a Catholic nation.

“As Catholics we are very proud and very blessed to have another Filipino Saint and this is going to be our second Filipino saint,” Lacierda said.

He further said that Vatican’s declaration of Blessed Calungsod to sainthood shows the bravery of the Filipino people.

“This is an honor for the Filipinos and it also showcases the bravery of the Filipino spirit, Christian spirit in the light of persecution,” Lacierda noted.

Following the approval of Pope Benedict XVI, the Vatican has recently announced the canonization of the 17th century Visayan martyr Calungsod which is slated on October 21 of this year, making him the second Filipino saint after San Lorenzo Ruiz who was canonized by Pope John Paul II on
October 18, 1987.

Born in 1655 in Cebu, the lay cathecist Calungsod died in Guam while trying to defend his fellow mission worker, Jesuit priest and now Blessed Diego Luis de San Vitores. Calungsod died at the age of 17.

They were attacked by natives using spear and machete. After being killed, their bodies were tied together and thrown into the sea.

Blessed Calungsod was beatified by Pope John Paul II in the year 2000 and since then, Cebuanos have been offering prayers for his intercession.

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