Latest Philippine Tourism Advisory from the Department of Tourism

Department of Tourism (DOT)

The Department of Tourism wishes to inform the public that all tourist destinations in Central Visayas, except for the Danao Adventure Park, are open and in business despite the recent onslaught of super typhoon Yolanda/Haiyan. Majority of the roads, airports, and seaports are also fully operational. Most hotels and accommodation are also open for business.

Tourist Destinations

Popular tourist destinations such as divesites in the areas of Cebu, Bohol, Negros, Oriental and Siquijor are open and fully operational. The areas of Metro Cebu, including Mactan Island, Cebu City, Mandaue City, and Southern Cebu are also open and fully operational.

The following destinations, however, currently have limited capacity or provide alternatives to closed sites:

  • Bantayan, Cebu - currently with only one (1) operational accommodation establishment
  • Malapascua Island, Cebu - currently with only one (1) operational accommodation establishment; also divesites are being checked by the Philippine Commission for Sports SCUBA Diving (PCSSD)
  • Chocolate Hills Adventure Park - its viewdeck is open to the public and provides an alternative to the Chocolate Hills Complex viewdeck, which is currently closed for repairs.
  • The Bohol Countryside Tour - current route is longer by several minutes due to road rerouting. Ruins of the heritage churches in the area damaged by the recent earthquake and typhoon are open to tourists.

Airports, Seaports, Roads, and Related Infrastructure

The Cebu Airport is open and fully operational. The Bohol Airport is also fully operational and did not sustain any structural damage during the earthquake.

However, the Tagbilaran Port Terminal Building was damaged and is currently undergoing repairs. Passengers are temporarily provided with seats under tents near the Fast Ferry Port. No terminal fee is currently being collected.

To make way for humanitarian operations, fastcrafts plying Cebu to Bohol such as Supercat, WEESAM Express, and Oceanjet have revised their schedule of operations. For more information about their revised schedules, please click the attached file (Status Update: Department of Tourism-Accredited Accommodation Establishments) below.

Meanwhile, almost all roads are now passable in Bohol, with rehabilitation work still ongoing. Roads within Tagbilaran and Panglao are 100% intact and fully operational. All roads leading to northern Cebu are also passable.

Power, water supply and communication lines are partially restored and both short-term and long-term solutons are being studied to remedy the situation. The power supply from Bohol to Leyte was cut off by the super typhoon and remains to be the biggest challenge for the Department of Energy, which is targeting the restoration of power in said areas by 24 December 2013. In the meantime, most establishments are using generator sets for power.

Hotels and Accommodation

Most hotels and accommodation in Central Visayas are open for business and fully operational. For more information about the status of DOT-accredited hotels and accommodation establishments, please click the attached file (Status of Tourism Destinations in Central Visayas) below.

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